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Keystone Law delays dividend amid Covid-19 crisis

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Keystone Law is set to open a new office in the Middle East, marking its first international opening since 2016.

James Knight

Keystone Law has posted its interim financial results for the six months ending in July 2019, posting turnover growth of 15 per cent. The firm revealed its revenue increased from £19.9m to £23m. Profit before tax, meanwhile, increased by 15.4 per cent, rising from £2.3m to £2.7m. The firm attributed the smaller rise in turnover […]


Keystone Law has posted its financial results for 2018, with double-digit growth in turnover and sustained growth in recruitment in its first year as a publicly-listed company. The firm revealed 35 per cent growth in turnover from £31.6m to £42.7m. Profit before tax grew by 56.8 per cent, up from £3.3m to £5.1m. Keystone founder […]

James Knight

Our latest 60 second interview features Keystone Law CEO James Knight, who talks to The Lawyer about the trend towards corporatisation.

As companies continue to look to the government for survival in the coming weeks, restructuring practices across the City, which had been kept arguably lean until now, are sure to need extra hands in the coming months. Across law firms, corporate associates are poised to be drafted onto restructurings and workouts. The mass redeployment of […]

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