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Firms poised to pull out of Mipim as jitters over Coronavirus escalate

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Bruce Dear


Let’s begin at the end. I have seen the future, and it is a long queue at Paris, Gare du Nord. All week at MIPIM, Brexit talk had been banned. Mention of it was social death, like flicking bogies into the salad bowl. But (as Leon Trotsky once said of war), you might not be […]

Bruce Dear

I feel like a tranquillised hippo. My limbs weigh two tonnes and my brain’s too heavy for my head. It’s November and I have 3,000lb-ungulate jet lag, so I must be at MIPIM Asia. For readers who only know MIPIM Cannes, MIPIM Asia is Cannes’ more refined Hong Kongese cousin. Each year about 900 property […]


As MIPIM 2018 draws to a close, Eversheds head of real estate Bruce Dear reflects on a hectic three days of presenting, assessing the gougères and scanning the horizon.


As lawyers pack their bags for Mipim next week, you can feel the ripples of unease that this year they will be the focus of unprecedented public scrutiny.


My head feels like it’s been hit with a bag of concrete lemons. The rest of me feels like a dead rat with flu. Yes, gentle reader, I have been to MIPIM.

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